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This proposed project generated an unprecedented amount of material, letters and research including multiple in-depth analyses of the traffic, the economy, the environment, as well as the ascetics of the actual building. There were also several very lengthy meetings which were long and arduous.  In closing we believe that all of the groups that participated in this process including the Cape Cod Commission Sub-Committee and Committee Members, the Cape Cod Commission Staff, The Lowe’s Team as well as the No to Lowe’s Coalition should be recognized for their professionalism and their extraordinary efforts to present all the pertinent information to each position.   

footprintsThe Cape is a unique landscape defined by its remarkable natural resources, renowned beaches, and quaint, picturesque villages.  It is a respite from the fast-paced, over-commercialized communities in other parts of Massachusetts.  Currently, the historical village of South Dennis and the surrounding areas are under pressure from the wrong kind of development.

Learn how a Lowe’s in Dennis could affect  the:

 ECONOMYLowe’s would eliminate more retail jobs than it would create, resulting in an overall net job loss and the jobs it would create will pay as much as 46% less than comparable, existing jobs per FXM Associates 2013Lowes will likely drive Local Businesses, out-of-business.

TRAFFICLowe’s cannot alleviate the huge increases in traffic they will create with road improvements, so they will pay a one-time fee instead (per Lowe’s plan). Residents and tourists will be burdened with much worse traffic congestion.

ENVIRONMENTLowe’s acknowledges it will exceed the nutrient loading standards established by the Cape Cod Commission for the Bass River Watershed, so they will pay a nominal annual fee instead (per Lowe’s plan). Taxpayers could ultimately bear the environmental and financial responsibility to rectify the situation.

COMMUNITY CHARACTER Lowe’s plan calls for a 127,638 sq. ft. store – which is significantly larger than the Home Depot in Hyannis and over 3/4 the size of the Patriots Square Plaza.  The size of this development is completely out of scale and character for Cape Cod.

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