Protect Our Legacy Say “No” to Lowe’s



ECONOMY — Lowe’s will remove more retail jobs than it would produce, leading to an overall net job loss and the jobs it would make will cover up to 46 percent less than similar, existing jobs per FXM Associates 2013. Lowes will likely drive Local Firms, out-of-business.



TRAFFIC – Lowe’s cannot alleviate the big increases in traffic they will produce with street improvements, so they will pay a one-time fee instead (per Lowe’s plan). Residents and vacationers will be burdened with considerably worse traffic congestion argentinian consulate chicago.



ENVIRONMENT – Lowe’s admits it will transcend the nutrient loading criteria established by the Cape Cod Commission for the Bass River Watershed, therefore they will pay a minimal annual fee instead (per Lowe’s plan). Taxpayers could ultimately bear the ecological and financial responsibility to rectify the circumstance. lee mas

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