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Ever since the government in Myanmar opened the boundaries of the country I had wanted to go to this amazing country. This year I finally got my chance. Emerging from the Yangon International Airport has been a Fantastic feeling. Here I was, at last, at the most secretive and intriguing nation in the world, going to bear witness to a lot of things that had remained impossible for Westerners to enjoy for so long. My grandfather had served in Burma during the war, albeit at the very end. He described a beautiful land of lush greenery and warm hearted peaceful people. I was about to find out for myself.

The airport is only about ten miles to the north of the former capital community. A brief cab journey soon had me ensconced in my hotel, unpacked, checked-in and prepared to go exploring. Yangon itself is a city of great complexity and several surprises. The broad avenues are a throw back from its former French colonial days. There are just a few high rise buildings, many temples and everything is very green. You can find water parks and much to admire. The old style Asian buildings are beautiful, sitting perfectly alongside the French architecture, much of which is nicely faded from the former glory, but most of the more enchanting due to it.
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I loved this place, with its golden foliage facade and fabulous gardens. This is definitely the most well-known and revered in all of the country, and it’s not difficult to see why. Lately It’s Been visited by Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, American President Barack Obama and US Secretary of nation Hilary Clinton. It is a magnificent illustration of Buddhist Temple layout, standing almost three hundred and fifty feet .

I spent a few days in the city before flying into Bagan, where there are an incredible two thousand two hundred and twenty eight temples. This sounds impressive but once you realise that these are what are left, of more than ten thousand that were originally built here, it puts things into a wholly different perspective. Bagan is so green, it’s one of the most gorgeous areas I have ever seen. On spiritual importance it rivals Angkor Wat and is believed by many professors to be the center of religion for the whole place. A town of types has stood here for over eleven hundred decades.

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